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  • Is the quote that Waterheaters911 gave me over the phone firm or will it increase when you show up?
    It is 100% firm based on the information that you provide to us. We refuse to practice the bait and switch tactic that are competitors frequently use. They show up at your home with a low price promised but fabricate extra's that can put the total price hundreds over the initial quote.   back to top

  • How can you provide me with a quote to replace my water heater without coming to look at it like the other companies are insisting on?
    We will ask you a few simple questions that will give us a visual of when and where your water heater was installed. This information helps us to give you a firm price that will not change. Some of our competitors insist that they must see the water heater only as a means to get inside your home to blast you with a well trained high pressure sales pitch.   back to top

  • My water heater just stopped heating. Do I need to replace it or can it be repaired?
    Most of the time if the water heater is not leaking it can be repaired. Electric water heaters are as simple as elements and thermostats however gas water heaters can be a bit more involved. A traditional gas water heater has a burner assembly and or a gas valve that could be malfunctioning. The average cost to repair an electric water heater is about $200.00. The average cost for a gas water heater is around $350.00.   back to top

  • What kind of warranty does you company offer if I choose you to replace my water heater?
    Water Heaters 911 offers a full 1 year unlimited warranty on all parts, tank, and labor. We install Rheem water heaters which offers a 6 year unlimited parts and tank warranty.   back to top

  • I have a pipe that runs from my water heater to the outside of the house and it is dripping. Does this mean that my water heater needs replacing?
    No. Some of our competitors may tell you otherwise but a dripping T&P valve does not require a water heater replacement. Most of the time the cause is excessive pressure on the water system and this can be resolved by replacing the pressure reducing valve. Sometimes however the T&P valve simply goes bad and must be replaced. Waterheaters911 provides service for either scenario.   back to top

  • What is an expansion tank and do I need one with my new water heater installation?
    A thermal expansion tank or valve provides an additional safety feature on your water system above and beyond the function of a T&P valve. It is a point of release if your water heater over heats causing expansion in the water system. If you do not currently have an expansion device we are required to install one at the time of a water heater replacement.   back to top

  • My gas water heater is several years old and just doesn't provide as much hot water as it had in the past. Does it need replacing?
    Over time gas water heaters create a thick layer of residue build up on the bottom of the tank. This restricts the functionality enabling the heat from the burner assembly to penetrate into the water. Water heater manufactures recommend that you periodically drain and flush the water heater but sometimes we wait until it is too late. At this point if you have tried flushing and the problem persists, it may need replacing.   back to top

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